The Orange Foundation was established in memory of Emma Aindow-Gregory, who had lived with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer for four and a half years.

Emma died at the age of 49 in December 2022. She is remembered and cherished by her two sons, daughter and husband, wider family and friends.

How will we help?

The Orange Foundation will support people who have been affected by cancer via our segments of help:

Advocacy Services

Fund or provide patient advocacy services.

Fund Diagnostics

Fund diagnostics, scans or consultations that will help speed up the delivery of plans or treatment itself.

Talking Therapies

Fund or provide the patient and family members with talking therapies.

Cosmetic Treatments

Fund cosmetic treatments and accessories or help fund surgery.

Treatment Funding

Contribute to cancer treatment, which isn’t always readily available on the NHS or to people who don’t have private medical insurance.

You can make a difference.

Every single penny you donate is helping us to
support people living with cancer.