Emma was warm, positive, uplifting, dynamic, passionate, assertive, and fiery! So it represented her perfectly.

She was a proud and protective mum, a fantastic (and patient) wife, a loving daughter, sister and aunt, and a loyal friend.

Anyone who knew Emma described her as a tornado of positivity and an inspirational woman.

She faced her cancer head-on but was, at times, understandably frightened and scared of the future. Like most things, Emma faced everything head on, and with her illness she wasn’t any different but ever the athlete, she knew that it was a race she wouldn’t win. She is so greatly missed.

The Foundation has been established to remember her but also to help many people like her who are living with the disease.

We decided on providing our segments of support to provide practical help, especially patient advocacy, as that will help people navigate the NHS and remove a lot of the anxiety while you’re getting to grips with what you and your family will be dealing with.

Toward the end of Emma’s life, she was adamant that everyone she loved should live their best lives and that everyone should make the most of the time we have.

We hope by establishing the Foundation, we can help others live their best lives and make the most of every minute.

You can make a difference.

Every single penny you donate is helping us to
support people living with cancer.